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  • “By Making Families Complete We Make Abortion Unthinkable”


“Let’s Call a Spade a Spade!”

This week on our radio program “From the Median” Molly will interview Dr. Judith Reisman.  Dr. Reisman has spent most of her adult life exposing the criminal abuse of children and at-risk adults by Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist who passed himself off as a human psychology sexual expert and in the process perpetrated untold physical and mental harm on children as young... Read More

“Janus v. ASFCME A Win for Life!”

July 20th 2018 The recent Supreme Court Decision on the Janus v. American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) case is one that will likely have long term positive results for the prolife cause. This decision establishes Public Sector workers’ First Amendment rights. In a recent release by the Buckeye Institute, Robert Alt, president and CEO... Read More

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