“Let’s Call a Spade a Spade!”

This week on our radio program “From the Median” Molly will interview Dr. Judith Reisman.  Dr. Reisman has spent most of her adult life exposing the criminal abuse of children and at-risk adults by Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist who passed himself off as a human psychology sexual expert and in the process perpetrated untold physical and mental harm on children as young as 5 months of age. He was a pervert and criminal sexual abuser of the first order. Kinsey has been called the father of the sexual revolution because he mainstreamed sexually deviant behavior, which has a large part to play in our current destructive “anything goes” sexual culture. Unfortunately, Indiana University continues to support this agenda through the ongoing funding of The Kinsey Institute, which is housed on their campus and receives funding from your tax dollars. Do not be hoodwinked by the glowing reports that emanate from organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics who continue to support this pseudo science. In the following video, published by The Daily Signal, the damage that we as a society continue to execute on the most vulnerable among us, is sobering. As the adults in the room, we have a duty to not only refuse to participate in this lie, but to actively work against it. Dr. Reisman will talk about ways to do just that. This 5:30 minute video is a “must watch”. Please share it on your Facebook page.